Fechando mais cedo – Closing Earlier

A flagship store da Louis Vuitton em Paris está fechando todos os dias uma hora antes para preservar o estoque para o final do ano. A loja da Champs Elysee que costumava fechar as 7PM agora encerra o dia as 6PM.

Eles atribuem o aumento das vendas à expansão dos negócios na China e avisam que um outro atelier está sendo construido em Drome, no sul da França, para dar conta da produção.

Exclusividade não é a palavra de ordem na casa francesa, “d’accord”?

The Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris is closing every day one hour before to preserve the stock for the end of the year. The Champs Elysee store used to close at 7PM now closes at 6PM.
They attribute the increase in sales to business expansion in China and warn that another workshop is being built in Drome, southern France, to increase the production.
Exclusivity is not a word in the French House, “d’accord”?

Uma opinião sobre “Fechando mais cedo – Closing Earlier

  1. this isnt the first time the champs elysees boutique closes early or has people waiting in line… even back in 1995, whenever they saw the busloads of asian tourist coming towards thier doors they would limit the sales of goods per person, limit the number of people entering the store and also close in the middle of the day.
    i remember, in winter of 1998, a desperate chinese lady approached me on the champs elysees, so i could buy 2 bags for her, as she was saying they limited sales to only two bags per person. she wanted 10, so she asked me and the people that were with me… and she was more than willing to rewards us…
    in the end, from my point of view, this is one of the best and cheapest marketing and pr tricks ever.

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